cacao pods

I have big big love for chocolate. The fancy dark kind made from quality ingredients, dairy free, high in cacao, mostly organic and often raw. Join me on my chocolate tasting adventure :)

Chocolate on my hit list:

  • Taza Chocolate
  • Lulu’s Raw Chocolate
  • Gnosis
  • The Raw Chocolate Co
  • Naked Treaties
  • RAWR

Chocolate I’ve conquered:

  • Conscious Chocolate *fave raw*
  • Green and Blacks 85%
  • Loving Earth
  • Rawganic
  • Sacred Chocolate *amazing*
  • Lindt dark cooking chocolate 75%
  • Willie’s Cacao
  • WildRaw
  • Roar Superfoods
  • Booja Booja Truffles: raspberry and plain *yum!!*
  • Ombar: acai & blueberry, goji berry, coconut probiotic, dark probiotic
  • Mulu: Silk *like milk chocolate*

Reviews on their way. Any I should try that aren’t on my list? x